Outdoor Square socket-φ2.0/3.0 Optical cable

Conventional ordinary optical fiber connectors or optical fiber fusion splicing are externally connected by adding special materials. the optical fiber connectors that can be used under harsh conditions are called prefabricated optical fiber connectors.the outdoor special prefabricated optical fiber connector launched by SHKE has extremely strong anti-rust and anti-corrosion capabilities and excellent mechanical properties,and can be used under harsh conditions.


    Operating temperature:-40°C ~+75°C
    Storage temperature:-40°C ~+75°C
    Relative humidity:≤85%(+30 °C)
    Atmospheric pressure:70kPa ~106kPa
    Insertion loss : Single mode≤0.7dB  Multimode≤0.6dB 
    Return loss: Single mode≥50dB  Multimode≥35dB 

Product Features

  • Contacts use standard LC, MT ferrule interface, LC ferrule interface up to 4 cores, MT ferrule interface.up to 24 cores, reliable performance, simple operation and high integration.
  • Made of stainless steel SUS316, anti-corrosion, in good mechanical properties.
  • Mechanical thread locking mechanism can ensure long-term reliable connection.
  • Designed with guide pins, easy to insert and fast connection.
  • Sealed design: with dustproof and waterproof features, the protection level can reach IP67.
  • It is compact in size, easy to operate, and durable.
  • Perforated seal design, you can fifix the socket connector on the device by screws.
  • No welding, plug and play, convenient and fast.
  • The optical cable assembly can be made into various standard connectors.


  • Remote communication base station,fiber to the tower (FTTA).
  • Intelligent substation control system.
  • Aerospace communication system.
  • Military field communication.
  • Railway communication system.
  • Mine communication system.
  • Oil field communication system.

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